Eyeware Repairs

adjustmentAs your eyewear ages, the odds of needing a repair will also naturally increase. Glasses endure constant handling and are easily damaged with excessive force. Even the most careful of us have experienced damaged eyewear as a result of unfortunate accidents. The value your glasses bring to your daily and nightly activities makes it an important service to repair and deliver prescription medical devices in a timely fashion to our patients.

Preventative Measures
There are steps that can be taken to ensure the longevity of your eyewear. Listed here are a few frequently suggested actions you can and should take to maintain their durability.

  • If your glasses become dirty with dust, oils, or hairspray, use lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean them.
  • When you clean the lenses, hold the rim of the lenses and wipe gently to avoid frame distortion or lens breakage.
  • Take your glasses off with two hands holding the temples to avoid the frames getting loose.
  • Put your glasses in the case if you are not wearing them.
  • If the glasses must be placed on a table, ensure the lenses are facing upward.
  • Any loose screws should be tightened at no charge by our office as soon as possible to avoid lens slippage.

We offer an impact resistant polycarbonate lens for industrial or sport safety glasses. Plastic lenses will break when hit by a strong impact. The broken lenses may cause damage to the eyes or face, and could lead to vision loss. If there's risk that the lenses will break, please wear protective equipment over your glasses.


All eyewear purchased from College Optical includes at the least a 1-year limited warranty on frame and lenses at no extra charge. A $25 shipping fee will be applied to replace either frame or lens. In the unfortunate event that your glasses should become damaged or unusable, our offices are equipped to provide minor repairs not to exceed $50. Each of our locations has state licensed opticians qualified to accurately diagnose and dispense your corrected eyewear.